The Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder Kuricha plush | Source: Uncanny Brands/the Pop Insider

If you have seen Thor: Love and Thunder, or even just the trailers for the God of Thunder’s latest adventure, you know there is a duo of very comedic, very large, and very loud goats who make their presence known throughout the movie.

Named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, the horned menaces certainly stand out in the movie, which make them the perfect fit to become limited-edition collectibles for the movie. Tomorrow, July 14, a two-pack of these goats as Kuricha plush will drop as an Amazon Treasure truck item.

Source: Uncanny Brands

Made by Uncanny Brands as part of the ongoing Bleacher Creatures Kuricha collection, the plush goats feature a chibi-style visual design packed with details, down to the horns and a wayward, lolling tongue.

The plush are both 8 inches tall, but are 6 inches tall when seated. They feature beanbag bottoms that make the goats easy to sit up and display.

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The limited-edition set will come packaged in a box decorated with Thor: Love and Thunder movie imagery. The boxes will also be numbered for true collectibility!

Again, fans can snag these scream-worthy collectibles exclusively through the Amazon Treasure Truck starting on July 14. Click here to learn more about the Treasure Truck and to sign up for alerts!

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