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You never know what new horrors the kids of Hawkins will discover within the Upside Down during each new season of Stranger Things. From Demogorgons and Domodogs to the new (and terrifying) Demobats and even Vecna himself, the creatures just keep coming. But here’s one fictional being you may not have expected to get the Stranger Things treatment: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT).

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Today, Playmates Toys revealed its latest TMNT crossover collection, which pairs up the crime-fighting turtles with characters from Stranger Things. Available exclusively at Target, the 6-inch action figure collab is kicking off with two two-packs. One includes Leonardo and Eleven, while the other has Raphael and Hopper.

The turtles are styled with red bandannas, based on their looks from the original 1984 comic book (to match Stranger Things’ ’80s vibe). All of the figures come with accessories, too. For the turtles, this means their signature weapons, a waffle-shaped throwing star, and a portable cassette player. Eleven has a backpack, a flashlight, and a walkie-talkie, while Hopper has a pistol, a baseball bat, an axe, and a flashlight. Both of the Stranger Things characters are dressed in looks from the show’s third season.

The packaging of these mash-up packs may be their coolest feature. The figures are positioned in opposite directions, so one character always appears to be upside-down. There is TMNT branding above each turtle figure’s head and Stranger Things branding above Eleven and Hopper.

The back of the packaging offers an explanation for this unusual meeting: the TMNT have tracked TCRI’s experiments to Hawkins, where the organization is trying to harness the power of the Upside-Down. The turtles have to team up with Eleven and her friends to stop TCRI before they succeed.

Both the Eleven and Hopper sets are available to preorder online from Target for $39.99 each. They will ship in October, when they will also be available in stores. The second wave of this collection will be available in February, offering Donatello with Lucas and Michelangelo with Dustin.

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