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Back in early 2020, we all expected Top Gun: Maverick to land in theaters as a summer blockbuster. As with many things planned for that year, the timeline got a bit pushed back. But what didn’t get pushed back? A Transformers x Top Gun co-lab, which came out that July as a limited-edition collectible timed for Comic-Con International: San Diego. Named Autobot Maverick and released via Hasbro Pulse, the transforming collectible was based on the Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet featured in the movie.

Now, two years later — as Top Gun: Maverick has finally landed in theaters, making us all wish we had mustached boyfriends — Autobot Maverick is back! As revealed last month on Top Gun Day, an updated version of the mashup figure is on the way.

Yesterday, during a Transformers Thursday fan livestream, the Hasbro Pulse team gave a closer look at the reissued collectible. The new Maverick mashup is similar to the original, complete with movie-inspired details and folding jet wings. It features four missile accessories that collectors can mount on the figure’s arms in robot mode and under its wings in jet mode. The Autobot also comes with a screen-inspired, miniature motorcycle accessory. 

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However, there are some differences from the original Top Gun co-lab collectible, in order to retain the exclusivity that the 2020 figure promised. This version does not come with a volleyball accessory, and the packaging has been updated to reflect the movie’s 2022 release date.

This Transformer will be available exclusively at Walmart in October for $44.99. Preorders will open up next month.

Yesterday’s livestream also provided first looks and/or updates for a variety of other Transformers products, including a new Decepticon Slicer Shattered Glass figure ($48.99), which is available to preorder now from Hasbro Pulse.

New additions to the Transformers Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection collection include Deluxe Blurr ($24.99), Deluxe Diaclone Universe Burn Out ($24.99), Deluxe Autobot Cosmos ($24.99), Deluxe G2 Universe Road Rocket ($24.99), Deluxe Diacone Universe Clampdown ($24.99), Voyage Road Hauler ($33.99), Cybertron Universe Override ($33.99), and Leader Robots in Disguise 2000 Universe Scourge ($55.99).

There are also three new Transformers R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] collectibles, which will be available on July 1: Prime Megatron ($24.99), Optimus Prime ($24.99), Thundercracker ($24.99). 

Check out the full livestream below to get a close look at these new collectibles and for all the latest Transformers news!

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