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Say goodbye to boring desk lamps and hello to these *super* new lights from Toynk!

Today, the company added four new Marvel lights to its home goods collection, and it’s truly impossible to choose a favorite.

To start, there is a Spider-Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp (pictured above, left), which is styled to look like a street lamp, with the web-slinging hero hanging upside-down from his webbing. It stands 16 inches tall and would make the perfect addition to any home office or bedside table.

The second LED desk lamp (pictured above, right) is modeled after a repulsor glove from Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. Powered by an included USB cable, the soft, glowing light shines from the palm and fingertips of the 14-inch glove. The design also features intentional weathering and damage (from one of the many times the Avengers battled alien invaders, of course).

Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

Next, there is a mood light shaped like the iconic Marvel logo. The lightbox measures 17 inches long, and it features an LED light that shines through the white lettering in the logo.

Finally, the funkiest light of the four is a Spider-Man “Motion Lamp Mood Light,” which means it functions like a lava lamp, with illuminated blue “lava” flowing in a clear tube topped by a 3D Spider-Man head.

Source: Toynk

Toynk also added one non-lighting item to its Marvel home goods offerings today: an Iron Man 2 Replica Briefcase 7-piece screwdriver set. The case is modeled after the Mark V armor seen in the movie, while the screwdriver itself is also Iron Man red.

All of these items are available to purchase now, exclusively from Toynk.

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