The Lost Lunch Boxes | Source: Toynk

Unpopular opinion: lunch is the best meal of the day. Why? Because it’s the only acceptable time to store and eat your food in a retro, tin box! 

Fandom merch retailer Toynk is serving up a fresh batch of vintage with its collection of retro lunchboxes. Offered in Golden Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lost-inspired models, these tin totes measure 8-by-7-by-4-inches and feature a collapsible handle.

To start, two Lost-inspired tin totes have crash-landed into this collection. The Lost Cast Retro Lunch Box features beloved characters from the TV series stranded together on The Island: James “Sawyer” Ford, Kate Austen, and Jack Shephard each get a moment in the spotlight with solo shots on the side panels. If you’re hungry for a thrill, hop aboard Oceanic Airlines flight 815 with the Lost Oceanic Airlines Retro Lunch Box, which is made to look like baggage from the flight and includes an “unzipped” pocket with Jack Shephard’s plane ticket. 

The Golden Girls and Grey’s Anatomy lunchboxes | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

Toynk also recruited the very best from Seattle Grace Mercy for the Grey’s Anatomy Cast Retro Lunch Box. Fans can spot familiar faces from the series — including doctors Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, and Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd (sorry McSteamy fans) — on each side of this tin tote. Emblazoned with a red border, this storage container can double as a first aid kit for any fans in residency. 

For any Grey’s fans looking to be more professional, the collection also offers the Doctors Bag Metal Tin Lunch Box. Featuring embossed graphics to resemble Meredith’s black-and-gold doctor’s bag, this tote is detailed with realistic stethoscope imagery and embroidered-like lettering to show off M.D. status. 

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Finally, there’s no one more equipped to add spice to your meal than the Golden Girls. Adorned with a green, leafy pattern along the perimeter, each side of the Golden Girls Cast Retro Lunch Box is detailed with iconic images of Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche from the show — yes, that does include the jail scene. 

These lunch boxes deliciously blend nostalgia with modern fandom. Priced at $21.99 each, Toynk’s retro lunch boxes are available to purchase at

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