Hasbro’s latest HasLab campaign celebrates Transformers’ 40th anniversary with figures for fans!

The robots in disguise are readying for your collection thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign from Hasbro. The most dedicated Hasbro collectors will already know a thing or two about HasLab, with previous Transformers campaigns including a Deathsaurus figure, a Victory Saber figure, and more. Now, a new campaign has launched featuring two fan favorites. 

The Transformers: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime campaign includes transforming figures of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus and his Battle Master Bluebolts. The Optimus Prime figure stands more than 8 inches tall in robot mode and can transform into a firetruck featuring a command center, an articulated ladder, and four rotating missiles. 

The Ultra Magnus figure measures in at more than 11 inches tall in robot mode and converts to a car carrier trailer vehicle with the ability to store three Deluxe Class figures in vehicle mode (sold separately). Bluebolts is along for the ride, transforming into six different weapon accessories or breaking down to sit inside the Ultra Magnus figure. 

A Hasbro-hosted fanstream revealed new Transformers figures. | Source: Hasbro

Fans can re-create the moment Ultra Magnus attempted to get his hands on the Matrix of Leadership by combining the Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus figures into Omega Prime, with Bluebolts attaching to the larger combined figure as a shoulder-mounted weapons system. 

The crowdfunding campaign is open now to collectors who’d like to add the new figures to their shelves. The campaign will be fully funded at 10,000 backers and includes tier goals such as a Matrix Blade Accessory at 13,000 backers and two Combinable Global Space Bridge Display Stands at 16,000 backers. 

The Transformers: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime campaign will be open to backers until March 14. Assuming it sees success with at least 10,000 backers, the new figures are expected to ship in Fall 2025. More information about the campaign and becoming a backer is available on the Hasbro Pulse website.

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