The limited-edition giant Balrog and “You Shall Not Pass” Gandalf ducks are part of the largest Tube collection. | Source: Tubbz

The Tubbz Lord of the Rings duck collection just got much bigger. 

Tubbz has introduced two new, limited-edition ducks to their collection: the “You Shall Not Pass” Gandalf and a menacingly giant, 9-inch Balrog duck. 

The Balrog duck is 5 inches taller than the other ducks in the Lord of the Rings Collection, making it a looming presence among your favorite hobbit ducks. There are only 2,000 Balrog ducks available, so you should not pass on the opportunity to get your hands on one!

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The “You Shall Not Pass” Gandalf is the third Gandalf in the collection, joining Gandalf the White and Gandalf the Grey. The duck comes holding his wooden staff in one hand and a sword in the other. Tubbz is only selling 3,000  “You Shall Not Pass” Gandalf ducks, but they still outnumber the Balrogs.

There are now more than 20 ducks in the Lord of the Rings collection, making it Tubbz’s largest collection to date. With these two newest editions, you’ll have the greatest collection in all of Middle-earth.

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