The Uniqlo One Piece Film: Red collection includes four T-shirts featuring characters from the film. | Source: Uniqlo

One Piece’s 15th feature film, One Piece Film: Red, is here. 

Toei Animation is marking the occasion — and the 25th anniversary of the One Piece manga — by partnering with Japanese retailer Uniqlo for a new T-shirt collection based on the movie. 

There are four shirts in the collection: a red shirt that features the Red-Haired Pirates’ logo on the front and pictures of the group and their names on the back and a black shirt that features the iconic scene where “Straw Hat” Luffy got his name. There is also a white shirt that has all of the Straw Hat Pirates in battle gear only, as seen in One Piece Film: Red, and a black shirt that shows Luffy using Fire Fist Pistol on Shanks on the front and the back. 

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One Piece Film: Red follows Uta, the most-beloved singer in the One Piece universe as she tries to hide her identity as the daughter of the legendary leader of the Red-Haired Pirates, Shanks. 

The Uniqlo One Piece Film: Red Collection is available at Check out the graphic T-shirts on real people (and One Piece characters) in the gallery below!

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