Exclusive FUNKO pops will be available starting tomorrow at Walmart. | Source: Walmart/Marvel/FUNKO

Wakanda forever! 

For the very first time, Marvel is teaming up with Walmart to uplift diverse voices by offering Black Panther collectibles from the Walmart-exclusive Marvel’s Voices artist capsule collection. The capsule collection aims to highlight the work, contributions, and experiences of people of color who are Marvel creators and fans. This collection among other legendary collectibles will be available starting tomorrow at Walmart Collector Con.

Fans can purchase life-like movie accessories like this Power FX mask! | Source: Walmart/Marvel/Hasbro

The capsule collection will spotlight products from the Black Panther Legacy program, which commemorates the original Black Panther film. The collection will feature Walmart-exclusive Funko collectibles created by artists Nardstar and Damion Scott, with additional exclusives set to arrive later this year in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The Black Panther Legacy collectible range will also feature exclusive products that fans can use to reenact legendary scenes from the films, such as the showdown between Black Panther and Killmonger. Fans can embrace their inner panther with the Marvel Black Panther Power FX Mask or the Claw Necklace, or pledge to Wakanda with the sterling silver Crystal Icon ring.

This epic claw necklace imitates the one in the film, exclusively available at Walmart. | Source: Walmart/Marvel

Beyond the Black Panther collection, Walmart Collector Con will offer a host of new collectibles from top brands and makers, including Funko, Star Wars, Marvel, Hot Wheels, DC Comics, Transformers, LEGO, Pokémon, WWE, Barbie, and more. Fans can begin shopping this week for a range of collectibles, action figures, vehicles, dolls, and sport and game trading cards, with the addition of more than 60 Walmart-exclusive products.

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The limited collection drops tomorrow at 7 a.m. PST and continues until Friday of this week. Fans can learn more about the Black Panther Legacy program and the amazing artists and collectibles behind it online at Walmart’s Marvel Hub.

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