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From Stranger Things to Squid Gamemodern pop culture is almost constantly dominated by Netflix originals. Now, the streaming giant has partnered with a retail giant, Walmart, to curate a shopping experience for every Netflix fan.

Officially available today, the Netflix Hub at Walmart offers a curated selection of products inspired by many of Netflix’s most popular titles, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Cobra Kai, Queer Eye, Nailed It!, Bridgerton, and kids’ series CocoMelon and Ada Twist: Scientist.

The merch offerings are as wide-ranging as the shows themselves — There are high-end collectibles, like Bandai’s Stranger Things figures; various Funko Pop! figures; T-shirts with imagery and quotes from each show; and even Queer Eye-branded furniture.

The Stranger Things Void Series Eleven Action Figure and Cassette Bundle (Bandai) and the Stranger Things Crosley Cassette Player Bundle | Source: Walmart/the Pop Insider

There are plenty of Walmart exclusives among the merch offerings, too, including a Stranger Things Crosley Cassette Player Bundle that’s available to preorder and a special Nailed It! baking kit that corresponds with a virtual, at-home Nailed It! experience.

According to a blog post from Walmart EVP Jeff Evans, Squid Game T-shirts will also launch soon. The retailer also plans to offer experiences and experiential shopping through the hub. For example, there will soon be a crowd-sourcing opportunity called Netflix Fan Select, which will give fans an opportunity to vote for merch they want to see.

Check out the full lineup of merch at the Netflix Hub!

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