In the time it takes you to finish reading this sentence, you could complete a microgame in WarioWare Gold.

Wario is back in the latest WarioWare title from Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. This fast-paced game challenges players to defeat a series of microgames, AKA short mini games completed in mere seconds. The best part about the gameplay is that it uses all the Nintendo 3DS system has to offer, incorporating controls from the touch pad, buttons, stylus, and even the microphone.

In this game, Wario decides to make easy money and host a video game tournament because he is broke and wants some money for pizza. Honestly, if that ain’t me. He contacts new and old faces alike to create games for the tournament, and you are one of the lucky participants! You, along with all the other tournament participants, pay a 10,000 coin entry fee for the WarioBowl games, in which the mischievous schemer hopes to keep for himself.

The tournament is divided up into four leagues: Mash, Twist, Touch, and Ultra. Mash League requires players to use the control pad and “A” button, with games such as picking a nose and catching a peice of toast. Twist League uses the gyroscope of the Nintendo 3DS, challenging players to turn the system left and right and hit the “A” button, with games such as hula hooping and keeping a pig fenced in his cage. Touch League requires players to use the stylus to whirl, twirl, and draw lines for tasks such as building a bridge for a penguin to cross over or sweeping ice in curling. The Ultra League brings all the hosts together for an “Anything Goes” theme, which incorporates all three playing styles, plus my favorite, blowing on the microphone.

Each microgame set has five hosts, with Wario always being one of them. Each host has his or her own theme and backstory as you’re trying to complete the level. This is also the first WarioWare title to have fully voiced cut scenes, so it’s funny to see the cheeky characters with a new layer of animation. It gives lots of fun moments, such as Wario explaining that you’ll need to use the “A” button for the Mash League, and explaining that the “A” button is the one with “A” on it.

WarioWare Gold features 300 microgames to complete (read as: you will not get bored), with themes such as Fantasy, Sports, That’s Life, and—my favorite—Nintendo Classics. The latter transforms classic Nintendo gameplay into microgame versions, such as retro Mario Kart on Rainbow Road or Link trying to pull the Master Sword from the stone. Each host challenges players in each of these themes per league.

Players will complete each microgame until they reach the boss level, but the amount of microgames required to complete to get to the boss will vary based on the host—ranging from 14 to 25. As players progress through the level, the speed will increase, allowing a little less time to finish the minigame. At the end of each microgame set, players will win 600 coins.

Each microgame is so outrageous and unpredictable that it makes the whimsical gameplay a lot more enjoyable. While players will recognize some of these minigames from the past, they’re all updated with new visuals, scenarios, and playing styles.

Especially when you’re in a sped up section of the level, it sometimes takes a moment to realize what actual task you’re supposed to be completing—but players don’t have to worry too much about this because they have four tries to get through all of the games and move on to the boss level. If all four lives run out, players can use 100 coins to continue uninterrupted, or they can challenge themselves and start all over to try it all without picking up where they left off.

Although finishing story mode is fairly quick, players can go back and replay all of the levels to beat their original scores. Or, they can go on missions to complete milestones and win in-game prizes. Outside of the story mode, all of the microgames completed are also compiled in an index, so you can play them over and over again and achieve new high scores there. There is a lot more to unlock in the game, including an arcade, a challenge mode (featuring stages with altered rules), and more.

Players must think fast to play WarioWare Gold, all while using the touchscreen, tilting the system, pushing buttons, and more to complete this new microgame collection.

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