The new Wolverine Marvel Legends figure and the Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure | Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

Today, Hasbro Pulse revealed its latest wave of Marvel Legends figures, and it’s pretty eXcellent.

There are seven new figures in total, all X-Men characters with outfits and sculpts inspired by their comic book appearances. The new preorders include Wolverine, Siryn, Havok, Vulcan, Maggott, Darwin, and Sabretooth.

Many of these 6-inch-scale figures come with character-specific accessories. Havok, for example, has FX accessories that simulate his plasma projection powers, while Maggott comes with his slug companions, Eanie and Meanie.

Each of the figures in this new wave comes with at least one build-a-figure component. When combined, these pieces create the supervillain Bonebreaker, complete with the tank that serves as the lower half of his body.

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These new X-Men figures are available to preorder now for $24.99 each (a $2 price increase for the Marvel Legends line) at the links below. They are expected to ship by this fall.

Hasbro Pulse fans should also mark their calendars for tomorrow, Feb. 9. The company is hosting a Star Wars-themed Fan First Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel.

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