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Several podcast producers are uniting despite their differences — just as the X-men did — in an effort to raise money for comic book shops affected by closures amid the pandemic.

The producers behind comic-themed podcasts “X-Reads,” “X is For Podcast,” “Comic Book Queers,” “The Wolverine Podcast that Goes Snikt,” “The Cerebros,” and “Homo Superior” have all joined forces to give their fans a way to help. The podcasts will each feature a variety of perks for fans who donate directly to the Comicbook United Fund, a fund powered by the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) that helps comic shop owners through financial hardships.

Fans who donate to the fund could see their name called out on social media, get a shout-out on one of the podcasts, score some digital X-Men art from artists such as Rich Bernatovech, or even have the opportunity to appear as a guest on one of their favorite podcasts.

“Growing up and visiting the comic book shop was a highlight for all of us and we cannot imagine people not having access to a local shop,” says Chandler Poling, the co-creator of “X-Reads.” The podcasters fear some shops will not be able to open back up, and that means losing the sense of community the stores bring to many people.

Those who want to save the world of comics can donate directly to the Comicbook United Fund here and learn more by tuning in to any of the podcasts mentioned.

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