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Well, this is some *cool* news! (Sorry, we had to.)

Yesterday, as part of its presentation at this year’s virtual E3 show, Xbox took a break from game trailers and updates to reveal “a new system that’ll leave others in the cold.” Say hello to the Xbox Mini Fridge (yes, this is real), a working fridge designed to look like the Xbox Series X console.

This, for those who may not be in the know, stems from fans on social media comparing the Series X design to a fridge when Xbox first revealed it. To the company’s credit, they didn’t double down or react negatively to these comparisons. Instead, they embraced the meme: First, last October, they gifted Snoop Dogg (and one lucky fan) a full-sized refrigerator designed to look like the console.

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Now, all gamers —and all non-gamers who just find this hysterical — can get in on the joke. As revealed via the epic trailer below, the new fridge can hold about 10-12 cans of soda and features a glowing green interior, along with an illuminated Xbox logo on the front (just like the Series X console).

There isn’t pricing info or an exact release date available for the fridge at this time, but the trailer promises that it will be available by this holiday season. Hopefully, it will be an easier gift to find than the Series X console itself!

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