This collection offers five figures in various sizes. | Source: Youtooz

The Cowboy Bebop group is known for its adventures capturing treasure, but we may have discovered the biggest bounty of them all. Youtooz is boarding the crew of the Bebop ship right into its anime collectible line with five figures that recreate the main characters of this science fiction, western-based anime.

The hardened captain of the Bebop, Jet Black, is the tallest figure of the bunch, standing at 5 inches tall. The bearded bounty hunter, better known as the “Black Dog,” is smiling as he smokes a cigarette and holds a giant flamethrower. The figure details all of his injuries, including his robotic arm, facial scar, and the metal plate holding his wound together.

Next is Jet Black’s partner, Spike Spiegel. Always cool and collected, the former member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate is caught in the act of lighting a cigarette. The Spike figure is dressed in his usual navy suit, and the design is modeled after the scene in Cowboy Bebop when his ship runs out of power and he accepts his deathly fate with a lit cigarette.

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Of course, Cowboy Bebop would be nothing without Faye Valentine. Like her character, the figure is posed with a weapon and is ready to take on the first sight of violence. The figure is dressed in yellow shorts, a yellow crop-top, a red jacket, and is topped off with stylish sunglasses and red lipstick.

Youtooz is also offering a figure of Edward, and we’re not entirely sure if the character hacked herself into this lineup or not. Either way, the prodigy’s figure is seated on a cushion with her green goggles positioned on her forehead. While she’s posed with a huge smile and is waving, the keyboard Edward holds is a bit more mysterious — We’ll never know if it’s being used for good or bad.

Finally, how could Youtooz forget about man’s best friend? Edward’s friend and “data dog” Ein is the fifth figure in this collection. He’s posed in his storage box and comes with a blue bowl with his name printed on it. The playful corgi has a special detail that separates him from the others — while he’ll be available on the Youtooz website, Ein will also be released in-store at Books-a-Million!

The entire limited-edition Cowboy Bebop x Youtooz line is available to preorder on the Youtooz website. Each figure costs $29.99 and will ship the week of Dec. 10.

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