With Youtooz’s new drop of Dragon Ball Z plush toys, Dragon Balls aren’t the only thing you’ll want to collect! 

Youtooz is known for turning internet fascinations — whether they be memes or fan-favorite characters — into plush, figures, and accessories. The latest drop from this merch maker? A line of Dragon Ball Z plush featuring four characters, Gohan, Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, and Puar, each in super-cute proportions.

The Gohan plush features a smiling Gohan wearing a purple gi and matching red wrist guards and waist wrap. The half-earthling, half-Saiyan sits with his arms between flung-out legs. The Super Saiyan Goku plush, meanwhile, rocks his signature orange-and-blue gi and a stern, paternal look. 

Super Saiyan Vegeta looks as arrogant as ever (even in plush-form), with his white gloves, blue bodysuit, and an I-know-better smirk. Finally, the blue-and-cream Puar plush shape-shifts the already adorable creature into unfathomable cuteness!

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Each plush in the Dragon Ball Z collection measures 9 inches tall and is fabricated with a minky-textured material. The collectible plush characters will be available to preorder on July 18, with an estimated ship time in November. Each plush costs $29.99. 

Keep an eye on the upcoming drop on the Youtooz website to make sure your Z-fighter is ready for battle (or cuddling) come November.

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