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F is for friends who do stuff together…like collecting the new Youtooz SpongeBob SquarePants figures!

YouTooz is releasing four SpongeBob collectibles, based on iconic moments from the animated TV series that have been turned into internet memes. Any SpongeBob fan will know these instantly meme-able scenes, featuring Squidward, Handsome Squidward, Patrick Star, and the titular sponge himself.

Youtooz’s SpongeBob Heading Out and Inside Squidward | Source: Youtooz/the Pop Insider

SpongeBob Heading Out is a 3-inch figure sculpted to show SpongeBob sitting in his red-and-white chair, holding his TV remote. He looks slightly downward, dressed in his typical uniform of a white collared shirt, a red tie, and brown shorts. SpongeBob comes packaged in a double-walled window box that features drawings of SpongeBob’s living room.

Inside Squidward depicts Squidward staring out at Patrick and SpongeBob as they frolic outside. Dressed in his classic collared shirt, this 4-inch Squidward stands by his blinded window, watching as the fun unfolds. Squidward’s window box is decorated with drawings of the interior of his house.

Youtooz’s Falling Handsome Squidward and I Have 3 Dollars | Source: Youtooz/the Pop Insider

The Falling Handsome Squidward figure shows the beautiful face of Squidward Tentacles after being slammed with a door multiple times by SpongeBob. This 4.7-inch figure is sculpted with a bodybuilder’s physique and wears a tight outfit with a black belt. He is shown falling, with his eyes closed and mouth open.

Lastly, the I Have 3 Dollars figure is a 4-inch Patrick Star holding three dollars in his hand. Patrick comes packaged in a window box that features illustrations of marine scenery and a scene including Mr. Krabs.

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All four collectibles meme-tastic collectibles will be available for preorder on Oct. 26th from Youtooz for $29.99 each. Set your clocks and get your three dollars ready because we predict that these SpongeBob figures will sell out in no time!

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