Dumpster Fire Plushie | Source: 100% Soft/the Pop Insider

In case you’ve missed the phenomenon that is the 100% Soft Dumpster Fire, this smiling, colorful dumpster fire started as an exclusive vinyl figure in 2019 and has since spawned a puzzle, face masks, enamel pins, and various holiday varients.

And now, it’s a collectible plush that is perfect for cuddling on those days when everything feels like, well, a dumpster fire. (Ironically, it’s the first version of the Dumpster Fire that is, in fact, 100% soft!)


Available to preorder now, the Dumpster Fire Plushie is about 7 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall, complete with its signature smile embroidered on the front, fuzzy flames on one side, and a plush lid on the other side. That lid opens to reveal a compartment, which you can use to hide your feelings of dread — or anything else!

The Dumpster Fire Plushie costs $25 and is slated to ship this August. For those who love 100% Soft’s cute plush style and want something sooner, the artist also offers a range of plush Kaiju kitties and food-themed plush keychains at 100soft.shop.

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Madeleine Buckley

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