I don’t know about plant LV-426, but here on Earth, yesterday was Alien Day. In celebration of the film franchise that brought us Ellen Ripley, Xenomorphs, and the iconic chest-busting alien scene, a few companies dropped new merch that any Alien fan will want for their collection.

Here are some of the new out of this world products to check out.

Reebok x Alien U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper | Reebok | $220

Inspired by Aliens, these shoes are the fourth and final design in the Alien x Reebok partnership. They get their name from the Marines’ dropship in the film and feature camouflage inspired by the United States Colonial Marines and protagonist PFC William Hudson. They also feature tons of small details that pay homage to the movie. Reebok also debuted a Xenomorph shirt yesterday for $40 (pictured, top) and a long-sleeved Alien U.S.C.M. shirt ($50).

Alien: 40 Years 40 Artists | Titan | $25.49

This hardcover book is available for preorder from Amazon, with an official publishing date of Aug. 11. The book features original art from 40 artists, filmmakers, illustrators, and fans that pays homage to Alien for its 40th anniversary.

Alien Queen Tiki Mug | Mondo | $50

This is a new Airlock Variant of Mondo’s Alien Queen Tiki Mug. This blue and black ceramic mug holds 22 ounces of fluid and includes two swizzle straws. There is also a set of Alien Egg Tiki Shooters available in the Airlock Variant color for $25.

Jonesy T-shirts | Mondo | $25 each

Featuring art by Martin Ansin, these shirts pay tribute to Ripley’s pet cat. The shirt is available for preorder now in a black and white version or a color version.

Photos: Reebok, Titan, Mondo

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