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Game night is serious business, and Asmodee Entertainment knows that fans of its popular games — from Catan and Ticket to Ride to Werewolves of Millers Hollow — want to continue enjoying the brands even after the dice and game boards are put away.

Last week, as part of Licensing Expo, Asmodee revealed a variety of new partners for officially licensed products inspired by its games. To start, there is a slate of new merch on the way for Catan. The company is partnering with Ata-Boy for novelty items and with Rollacrit for a Catan gifts collection that will include apparel, accessories, collectibles, and homewares that are expected to launch this fall.

The long-awaited Catan — 3D Edition also launched on Friday. To celebrate this launch, the company announced plans for Catan beer! Over the next 12 months, Champion Brewing Company will produce six limited-run Catan beers as part of its Champion’s Beverage Club. Each flavor will reflect a different terrain within the game. Visit table22.com for more information about getting these specialty brews.

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Outside of Catan, Asmodee has two new publishing-focused initiatives. First up is a series of comics from Source Point Press, inspired by Asmodee games. Specifically, these titles will feature Legend of the Five Rings, Mysterium, and Pandemic. They are set to debut next year, disturbed by Diamond Comic Distributors, Simon & Schuster, and select game distributors.

Finally, Asmodee has partnered with Mango Editions for a series of gamebooks (such as escape games) based on Professor Noside from Unlock! and Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. developed in collaboration with EscapeGame.fr, the first two books will debut in the second half of next year.

All of these collaborations are part of a larger push by the company to increase presence in the merchandise landscape, especially for Catan.

For more information and updates about Asmodee Entertainment and its games, head to shop.asmodee.com.

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