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Are you settled in for this news? Good.

Catan Studio and Asmodee are releasing a 3D edition of the Catan board game. Yup, fans will get to see textured mountains, roads, ships, and more fill their game boards. You’ll nearly be able to hear those sheep in the pastures with Catan’s new, robust look!

All of the terrain hex tiles are hand-sculpted and painted to give the settlements an authentic feel in 3D goodness. The city pieces are colored red, yellow, blue, and white, and the attention to detail is so precise that players can even see tiny windows and staggered roofs fashioned into the models. The player pieces are also designed in these four colors to compliment Catan’s antiquated environment.

The 3D edition comes with 19 hand-painted, 3D terrain hex tiles; six hand-painted sea frames; nine hand-painted harbor markers; 18 glossy number tokens; four sets of 3D player pieces in four colors; one antiqued robber figure; 95 resource cards; 25 development cards; four building-cost cards; two special victory points; two card trays; two custom dice; a rulebook; and an almanac.

Though the hype for this edition is certified fresh, it’s worth noting that Catan Studio did release a 3D version of the game back in 2005. That special, collector’s 3D edition featured the game’s previous name, The Settlers of Catan, and there were only 5,000 copies. That edition came with more than 170 detailed game pieces, including hand-painted city walls, knights, roads, and three robbers.

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The main differences between The Settlers of Catan 3D Edition and the new Catan 3D edition seem to be in the coloring, detailing, and packaging. The original 3D version’s city pieces were not fully colored — though the robbers were — and the packaging imitated a wooden chest. The new game’s terrain is a bit more textured and robust, the pieces are brightly contrasted and colored, and the packaging holds the components of the game in a standard fashion, sliding out from the side instead of opening up like a chest.

The new Catan — 3D Edition costs $300 and is available to preorder now from The game is set to ship in August.

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