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The Avengers are assembling once again, but this time it’s on social media.

Now that Endgame‘s spoiler ban has lifted, everyone from Chris Evans (Captain America) to directors the Russo brothers have been reminiscing with fans on their experiences while shooting the movie. They’ve shared several pics and short clips of their backstage work and shenanigans.

Here are some of the heartwarming looks back at the making of the iconic finale for Phase Three of the Marvel saga.

The Avengers jammed out and chowed down at a lunch — with Mexican food — that Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) hosted. Chris Hemsworth as a fat, hairy Thor, seemed to have a great time.



Chris Evans shared two epic selfies with the cast members. Hemsworth joined in again, making the photo even better.

Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) shared this tribute to her cast members with a sneaky clip she took in between scenes.


Downey, Jr. blew up his Instagram with tons of throwback posts, including this photo with the badass ladies of Marvel at a lunch he hosted for them.


RDJ also shared a video of the entire cast celebrating the 11th anniversary of the first Iron Man movie (2008). Again a fat, hairy Thor just keeps making every post 10 times better.


Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) has been posting some cool looks from behind the scenes, including this one of his morning routine before shoots. Getting the perfect mohawk takes skill, time, and dedication.


The Russo brothers shared this photo with the legendary Stan Lee, imploring fans not to spoil Endgame for others who still haven’t seen it. This was the directors’ nice way of saying, “Don’t be a jerk and ruin the movie for everyone.”


The Russo brothers also shared this super cool photo giving Hemsworth some pointers on how to use Thor’s axe.


Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) continued his sneaky pic-taking on set and took this one with co-star Karen Gillan (Nebula).


RDJ shared the best post of all with the entire Infinity War and Endgame cast and crew, including Rocket Raccoon. Thank God for Photoshop because everyone got a spot in the big family photo. 

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

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