Black Phantom comic remastered colored edition cover and pages | Source: G-Man

The first Black costumed comic book superhero is about to make his return to the page.

G-Man Comics and Sankofa Comics are bringing back Steve Perrin’s Black Phantom. The independent comic publishers will be releasing two remastered editions of the first Black superhero comic, originally illustrated by Ronn Foss. Black Phantom first made his debut in 1964 in the amateur fan magazine Mask & Cape No. 4. He also appeared in a 13-page story in September 1966, published in Fantasy Illustrated No. 6. 

Perrin and Hugo-Award-winning artist John Jennings had been planning to revive the character until Perrin passed away last year. Jim Burrows, managing editor at G-Man Comics, teamed up with Jennings to develop Sankofa Comics and republish the original adventures of the Black Phantom for the first time in more than 50 years. 

Inside pages of the Black Phantom remastered edition colored comic | Source: G-Man Comics

Black Phantom’s remastered origins will be available in two editions The first is a simple, 20-page comic in classic black and white. The second edition includes added material in a full-color, 24-page book. Jennings wrote an essay about this character’s role in Black comics history to accompany the remastered comics and created the art for both the cover and the Deluxe Color Edition. David Ellis Leary, an artist at G-Man Comics, colored the graphic origin and the full-page splash for the text story. 

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Both editions will be published as part of G-Man Comics’ upcoming “Rise of the G-Men” Kickstarter campaign. Click here to stay in the loop on the launch.

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