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Over the weekend, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to drop some Star Wars bombshells about what could have been.

It all started when @tatooinesons, a Star Wars podcast, tweeted about his theory that Boba Fett was actually Luke Skywalker’s mother.

Hamill responded with a tweet that said, “I once suggested it to George [Lucas] as the only way we could top Vader being my father. I envisioned her as a double-agent working clandestinely for the Rebels. SPOILER ALERT: He didn’t like my idea.”

Hamill also revealed that he’s, “always been more than willing to generously share my many, many terrible ideas in the off-chance we might stumble across one that could actually be useful.”

Back in 2004, Hamill told CHUD, “The audience is expecting the unexpected. I kept thinking that Boba Fett would take off the helmet, shake out her hair, and it’s my mother! You would go, ‘Wow, a double agent!’”

That’s not how things turned out, but maybe we’ll get more of Boba Fett in Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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