The new collection has all the popping pink from the original Polly Pockets! | Source: Cakeworthy

Polly Pocket has made her way into kids’ hearts and toy rooms for decades, and now the tiny toy legend is now making her way into our wardrobes!

The newest collaboration from Cakeworthy brings all the joy of the Polly Pocket toys to an apparel series fit for any runway. Polly and her stretchy clothes are a fond memory for ’90s kids. This new collection will bring all those memories back and have you looking good while you head to the nearest toy store. It’s got everything any fan could need, from a hoodie to a hand mirror.

The AOP T-Shirt features an all-over print of Polly and her friends with their ’90s looks. For even more all-over print options, the Scoop Neck Dress and Hoodie both feature a fun repeating pattern of Polly Pocket compacts, bows, and the Polly doll herself.

The collection also features all-over print Joggers so you can wear head-to-toe Polly Pocket. The comfy clothes options continue with a colorful PJ Set. There’s also a Hand Mirror shaped like a Polly Pocket compact, so you can channel your inner Polly as you get ready for the day.

No collection is complete without accessories! The Heart Zip Pouch, Wallet, and Star Purse are here to make sure you can carry all your goodies on the go, just like you carried your Polly Pockets on the go as a kid.

Once you grab the purse or pouch, you’ll need some Polly Pocket items to put in them! The Notebook and Sticky Notes will give your journaling experience a Polly twist. Finally, the mystery box of Pins is perfect for any collector. You won’t know what Polly Pocket compact pin you’ve got until you open the box!

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The new Polly Pocket x Cakeworthy Collection is available now on the Cakeworthy online store. Grab some PJs, a T-shirt, and more to go out looking like your favorite pocket-sized doll!

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