Have the power of Pochita protecting your AirPods!

Casetify is no stranger to pop culture collabs, with phone cases and accessories featuring everything from Spider-Man to The PowerPuff Girls. Now, the company is bringing a dose of devilish fun to its next collection, featuring hit shounen anime Chainsaw Man. Characters like Pochita, Denji, and others all get their moments to shine and protect your phone, no contract required!

Phone cases featuring favorite characters! | Source: Casetify

The collection includes phone cases displaying the unique aesthetics of each character from the anime. Whether your favorite is Denji, Makima, Aki, or Power, there’s a case featuring the character with a unique design to represent them. Each case features designs inspired by the anime and the characters in it, with devils, weapons, and character abilities decorating the case.

The collection includes everything from water bottles to wallets. | Source: Casetify

Pochita, the adorable yet powerful Chainsaw Devil, features in a number of the other offerings. The Pochita Collectible AirPods Pro/Pro 2 Case will be available in limited quantity — this silicon Pochita will happily protect your music-listening experience! The collection includes a number of other accessories and cases, such as MagSafe wallets, water bottles, and more.

The Chainsaw Man x Casetify collection is launching this Aug. 22. Fans eager to get their hands on the more limited goodies can join the official waitlist on the Casetify webpage, giving pre-sale access to the online store. Grab a phone case that’ll make you feel as powerful as any anime protagonist!

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