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Daredevil fans were outraged Thursday when Netflix announced the show’s cancellation.

However, the blind Hells Kitchen vigilante-slash-lawyer could make an appearance on the big screen, per his contract. In fact, when they announced the show’s cancelation, both Netflix and Disney hinted that Daredevil will appear in future Marvel projects.

Unfortunately for fans of the Netflix series (and all the other now-canceled Marvel Netflix shows), it is unlikely that any of the series will come back on the upcoming Disney streaming service. According to industry expert Alan Sepinwall, “the nature of the contracts would make it virtually impossible” and the series would be “starting over from scratch creatively.”

Deadline reported that a Daredevil-centered MCU movie is also “unlikely,” but some speculate that Matt Murdock will appear in the upcoming Black Widow movie. The two characters have a storied history in the world of Marvel comics, both as partners and love interests.

However, the timing may not be right for Matt and Natasha to be together on-screen yet. The Black Widow film is reported to take place in 2006, while Murdock didn’t begin his tenure as Daredevil until about 2015.

Regardless, fans can take some solace knowing they’ll likely see Charlie Cox reprise his role some time soon. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the other Defenders will join him.


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