DC Comics dropped a major bombshell about its upcoming video streaming service.

Aptly named DC Universe, the streaming service will be a one-stop-shop for all of your DC content viewing needs. In order to entice screen junkies who already have a dozen streaming subscriptions, DC Universe will offer new content exclusive to the service.

It’s unclear whether the service will include DC movies or TV shows Like Supergirl, The Flash, or fan favorites like Batman: The Animated Series and Christopher Reeve’s OG Superman movies.  The decision whether or not to expand to previously-released content will no doubt play a part in the success of DC Universe, but with a company as massive as DC, AND with Hulu and Netflix streaming contracts, there’s a lot to consider. If DC decides to sever its ties with other streaming services, sites like Hulu and Netflix could take a hit in subscriptions.

The DC Universe website description states that its “first-of-its-kind, immersive experience lets fans experience DC like never before.” What exactly that entails is anyone’s guess, but a lot of fans are hoping that comics will be added to the subscription, in a similar fashion to what’s offered in the Marvel Unlimited subscription. Marvel and DC are always trying to one-up each other, so it’s a pretty solid theory.

Speaking of theories, Bleeding Cool posited the theory that DC Universe was teaming up with the Spark dating website because of the media inquiries email address. Upon closer inspection, the email goes to dc@sparkpr.com, not dc@spark.com. (But, if anyone knows Clark Kent’s dating profile URL, HMU.)

Another likely theory is that DC Universe might only be open to residents of the U.S. When visitors of the site sign up for updates, there’s a fine print line that states, “by submitting my email address and clicking SUBMIT, I certify that I am a resident of the United States.” Hopefully, it’s just for the launch and it will expand to other locations after a period of time.

Currently, there are four exclusive shows officially slated for DC Universe: Swamp Thing, Titans, Young Justice Outsiders, and Harley Quinn. Titans (based on Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani’s Teen Titans) and Young Justice Outsiders (based on Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman Young Justice series) have 2018 release dates. Both projects will be animated series geared toward a younger audience. They’ve been in production for a while but no specific details have been released. Harley Quinn will be an animated series geared more toward adults. Executive produced by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey, the series will feature 26 episodes and follow a (thankfully) Joker-less Harley. Nothing is better than a self-assured, powerful Harley, and here’s to hoping that we’ll get some on-screen Harley and Poison Ivy romance that’s been present in comics like DC’s Bombshells.

DC Universe just added a new addition to the announced shows for the streaming service—Swamp Thing is getting its day in the sun with an hour-long drama. Daredevil’s Mark Verheiden is dipping his toes into the DC waters to write this live-action show with It‘s Gary Dauberman. Swamp Thing will take place in Louisiana and center around Abby Arcane’s investigation of the mystic properties of a “deadly, swamp-borne virus.”  Previously announced prequel series, Metropolis, which will center around Lois Lane and Lex Luthor (not romantically, hopefully,) has been slated for redevelopment and isn’t listed on the official DC Universe page, so its future seems to be up, up in the air.

TBH, there are more questions and theories about DC Universe than there are official answers, but the speculation is always the fun part. Based on release dates of some of the shows, it seems likely that DC Universe will launch sometime this year but until anything official is announced, we just have to put together the pieces of the puzzle à la Riddler style. In the meantime, prepare your credit cards for yet another automatic monthly deduction.

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