The Princess Jasmine Designer Doll | Source: Disney/the Pop Insider

Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime magic carpet ride around the palace with the new Disney Designer Collection Jasmine Limited-Edition Doll. This Jasmine doll is a gift to Disney princess fans and collectors alike as part of the larger, year-long Ultimate Princess Celebration event.

Designed by artist Mark Monterroso, this Jasmine doll’s royal attire is inspired by the Sultan’s Palace. Princess Jasmine’s ruby red dress features intricate gold designs and elaborate jewelry, accented by a beautiful handbag and a pair of golden heels. Jasmine’s hair is also specially crafted into an elegant updo and showered in red-and-white jewels. The 14-inch doll even comes with a display stand inside a decorated, bronze collector’s box that is fit for a princess and compliments Jasmine’s subtle red eyeshadow.

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This Jasmine doll is the first in a larger Disney Designer Dolls collection, which will ultimately feature 15 classic Disney heroines with bold, fashionable designs for collectors’ shelves.

There will only be 9,800 of the Jasmine dolls in total, and each comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The Jasmine doll goes on sale for $129.99 on Oct. 12, exclusively from

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