Disney LEGO minifigures

Your collection just got a little more magical.

The new wave of Disney LEGO minifigures announced back in March finally hit stores today. The blind-packaged figures are available for 18 iconic Disney faves, and they’re just waiting to be added to your LEGO collection.

The new range includes limited-edition versions of all the best Disney characters, including a vintage-inspired, black-and-white Steamboat Mickey and Minnie; Hercules and foe Hades; best sisters forever Elsa and Anna from Frozen; the incredible Edna Mode and Frozone; Princess Jasmine and the sinister Jafar from Aladdin; Jack Skellington and Sally to bring the Nightmare to life; the iconic Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie ducks; and twinsies Chip and Dale.

Each minifigure (sold separately) comes in a sealed blind bag with at least one accessory and a display baseplate. Accessories include a small bird for Jasmine, a gift box for Jack Skellington, an icy scepter for Elsa, and a shield and sword for demigod Hercules.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, these adorable — and true to style — figures can be combined with any LEGO set for limitless play possibilities.

Photo: Lego

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