The trading card game you know and love meets the timey-wimey misadventures of the Doctor!

Doctor Who is a beloved sci-fi series that has been going strong since the ’60s, featuring the misadventures of Time Lords, aliens, and their Companions. As fans get excited for the next iteration of the Doctor, as well as a return from David Tennant, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new Magic: The Gathering (MTG) deck featuring fan-favorite characters from the show.

Four new Commander decks are coming to MTG, each absolutely full of Doctor Who flavor. A press briefing from Wizards of the Coast, featuring James Page, Brand Manager for Doctor Who at BBC, and Gavin Verhey, Principal Game Designer for MTG x Doctor Who, means we have all the insider info any superfan could need. Allons-y!

Each of the first three decks in the new collection features a different era of the show. Blast From the Past includes the first Eight doctors as well as their Companions, with a green, white, and blue color identity. The deck is focused on the Historic mechanic, a nod to the episodes fans sometimes call “historicals.” The Doctor’s Companion mechanic lets players play both a Doctor and a Companion as their Commanders, with the ability to mix and match. Whether your playstyle is group-hugging with the Second Doctor or eagerly copying spells with the Sixth, there’s a doctor for you with mechanics based on their character!

The non-creature spells in each deck are also incredibly flavorful. Wizards of the Coast took full advantage of the Saga cards, having them play out favorite episodes of the show featuring various Doctors. Whether your favorite storyline is “The War Games” or “The Curse of Fenric,” you can watch the narrative play in a new way on your MTG battlefield.

Celebrating the exciting relaunch of the show, the Timey-Wimey deck features Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven in the colors blue, red, and white. The deck leans heavily into the time travel themes of Doctor Who, with a mechanical focus on Time Counters. It has a new mechanic called Time Travel that lets players keep Vanishing cards around longer or make Suspend cards arrive sooner. Each character embodies their own story through the card mechanics. For example, the designers knew players would want the iconic pair of Amy and Rory, so luckily Amy Pond can search for the Rory card in your library.

Once again, the Saga cards as well as other non-creature spells are bringing favorite moments from the series into MTG mechanics. Play out the iconic “just this once, everybody lives!,” the bittersweet sadness found in “The Girl in the Fireplace,” or the Companion-meeting moment in “The Eleventh Hour.” These and many more from this era of Doctor Who can be found in the Timey-Wimey deck.

Moving on from the classics, Paradox Power in green, blue, and red features Doctors Twelve and Thirteen. The deck features a new ability called Paradox that wants you to cast spells from outside your hand. There’s a small secondary theme of Counters as well, with mechanics such as untapping things that have them. The deck also includes Clara Oswald, a truly unique companion, who’s designed to fit in with any of the Doctor cards.

What is any series without its villains? Doctor Who has a full collection of devious villains, and the Masters of Evil deck in blue, black, and red is featuring as many of them as possible. The deck features antagonists such as the creator of the Daleks, Missy, and, of course, the terrifying Weeping Angels. Exterminate your whole Commander pod with this deck!

Also releasing with the new Doctor Who Commander decks are collector boosters. These boosters will feature alternate art versions of the cards as well as foils, so they’ll be a must-grab for anyone who wants a unique art treatment of their favorite Doctor.

The new Doctor Who MTG Commander decks are available for preorder now, and will ship later this month. And if you want the full Doctor Who experience in Magic, make sure to also check out the new Secret Lair drop featuring reprints of cards with Daleks and Weeping Angels front and center. Grab your Sonic Screwdriver and get to time traveling in your favorite trading card game!


Gather your favorite Doctor Who characters and send them to battle! These Commander Decks feature different iterations of the Doctor as well as iconic villains from the series. They're available for preorder now and will release Oct. 13.

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