Evil birds in Peru. A missing Astronaut in Hong Kong. Mysterious energy coming from Madagascar.

The Doctor and her companions went to three different continents to discover what these events had in common, and within the first five minutes, we knew it had something to do with climate change — again. 

The message of saving the planet may have been recycled, but where “Orphan 55” left fans feeling preached at, “Praxeus” delivered the message — a still-loud one — through an exciting storyline full of the content we want. 

Spoiler Alert!

The episode warned that if Global Warming doesn’t kill you, then an alien pathogen (Praxeus) that feeds on plastic will. We were informed that there are several mounds of plastic in our oceans, and we ourselves are full of microplastic — oh fun!

The shining moment of the episode wasn’t the Hitchcock-miming killer birds nor the gay couple featured without any tropes (although we stan it). It was the fact that the companions took charge and didn’t just stand by while the Doctor solved everything. They were not just comic relief — though there was plenty of that — they actually kicked some serious alien butt and didn’t leave everything up to 13.

Their methods stayed the same, but they got results. Ryan still flirted with the first girl he saw, but he also found and dissected one of those evil birds to find the plastic inside, ultimately leading to the discovery of the antidote. Yaz still wandered off on her own, but she followed a portal and found from whence the aliens hailed. Graham still got confused at everything, but he gave advice that shaped the outcome of the episode.

Thank you, Chris Chibnall, for reading my diary. Check out our favorite tweets below after you recycle everything you’ve ever owned and hidden it safely away from all birds.


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