Sections of the Harry Potter New York flagship store | Source: the Pop Insider

Calling all would-be wizards, Potterheads, and lovers of everything magic!

The new Harry Potter New York flagship store is set to open its doors in just a few days, on June 3. However, the Pop Insider team got an early look at this massive store, which is packed with Wizarding World goodness.

The two-story building — soon to be three-story, when a VR experience opens this summer — is full of photo ops, real props from the movies, a scavenger hunt, and other features that will make for great Instagram content (check out our Twitter thread to see some of those interactive elements!). However, it’s a shopping experience at its heart, which means there is TONS of merch. Seriously, so much.

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The store is generally divided into themed rooms, with products to match. There is a whole room of Hogwarts-house-inspired items, a full wand section, a dark arts section, a corner dedicated to Wizarding World books, a Honeydukes alcove, a room with toys and games for young Harry Potter fans, and more.

While we wish we could, as Harry would say, take the lot, most of us don’t have an endless supply of Galleons. So, we scoured the shelves for location-exclusives, great deals, and other must-haves and curated the list below. For those who are planning to visit this magical new shop, these are the items you can’t miss.


We all know that the wand chooses the wizard, but one perk of being a Muggle is that you get to choose whatever wand you want! The wand offerings at Harry Potter New York are extensive and beautifully displayed, with stacks of wand boxes that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into Ollivander’s shop. Fans can select a replica of a character’s wand or beautiful, sculpted wands inspired by the Hogwarts Houses, the Golden Snitch, Fawkes the Pheonix, and more. Most of these high-quality wands are also available to purchase at the Wizarding World parks, at Harry Potter Studios, or from the online Harry Potter shop, but at Harry Potter New York you can get your wand engraved for an extra $10. Whether you get your name or a character’s name etched in the side, it adds an extra element to this quintessential Harry Potter collectible.


If you want to show off the fact that you’ve visited this magical flagship store, there are a few store-exclusive shirt designs to choose from. However, this Fawkes-inspired design is certainly the most visually interesting! It is available as a pink hoodie, a blue T-shirt, or a blue hoodie.


There is a small table of exclusive merch that says “Harry Potter New York,” in addition to the shirts and hoodies. The mug and the notebook are both practical purchases that will commemorate the specific store experience. Also, they are both a good size to carry home in luggage or on the subway.


The Fantastic Beasts franchise introduced fans to MACUSA (the Magical Congress of the United States of America), which is headquartered in New York City — Just like this store. Naturally, then, there is a selection of store-exclusive MACUSA merch to choose from, which is certain to be some of the most subtle Wizarding World items you’ll own. Highlights include a tin lunch box featuring the MACUSA logo and a pin set that comes with a MACUSA lanyard and four themed pins.


If you get only one thing at the Harry Potter New York store, Butterbeer is a great option. For $10, you can snag a glass of the sugary beverage at the in-store Butterbeer bar. Not only will you get great photos in the store, but you also get to take home the mug that it comes in.

Within the Honeydukes section of the store, there is also bottled Butterbeer available, including a special, MACUSA/New York label that is exclusive to the store. According to a store employee, there will be additional bottle designs available over time.


One of the coolest portions of the store is a Minalima section, full of prints, cards, and other paper goods from Wizarding World graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima (learn more about them here). The duo designed this colorful, exclusive new print specifically for the store opening.


If a $200 print isn’t in your price range or luggage capacity, you can still take home some Minalima magic. There is a large selection of notecards featuring their iconic imagery from the Wizarding World. Highlights include a smaller version of a wizarding alphabet poster that hung above baby Harry’s bed and a replica of the Valentine’s Day card that Romilda sends Harry.

GIFT TRUNKS ($250-300)

These are the ultimate Harry Potter purchases, hands down. Available in the “Things That Must Be Named” section (where you can customize wands, Triwizard Tournament jerseys, wizarding robes, and more), these trunks come packed with all the Harry Potter goodies you could want, including a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter and a personalized notebook. The smaller gift trunk is available for each of the Hogwarts Houses, while the larger trunk is specifically inspired by Harry.


In the lower level of the store, there is a selection of beautiful Harry Potter jewelry, including some new, store-exclusive pieces, such as this Golden Snitch necklace. The store-exclusive jewelry also comes inside of fun packaging that is shaped like a wizard trunk and says “Harry Potter New York.”


Okay, we know you can buy versions of the iconic Ron and Harry Christmas sweaters elsewhere, but they are too great not to include on this list. These are high-end versions, made from a very thick and warm material (like Mrs. Weasley knitted them herself!).


This may be the best deal in the whole shop! These durable, reusable tote bags are available in a wide variety of Harry Potter-inspired designs, have a pocket on the inside, and say “Harry Potter New York” on the side. The best part? They are only $4 each.


We couldn’t leave this one off the list. At its opening, Harry Potter New York will require masks and maintain half-capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans can snag this practical purchase by the check-out counter.

For more information about the Harry Potter New York store, visit this webpage.