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Don’t worry: Just like with Ross, everything is fine with the beloved series on Netflix. Yesterday, a rumor floated around the Internet that the iconic sitcom would leave Netflix on Jan. 1, but it’s staying put.

With several reports confirming the news throughout the day, it seemed plausible (even a little upsetting) until Netflix tweeted the Central Perk gang wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Phew! Fans can breathe a little easier knowing that we don’t have a month left to rewatch all 10 seasons in its entirety one last time. I mean, not like that is entirely impossible, um, speaking from experience.

However, based on a report from The Hollywood Reporter, a new streaming platform from Warner Bros. is expected to launch in late 2019, which means the 10-season sitcom could transition from Netflix to the new streaming service. While we don’t know when or if this could happen, in the mean time, settle in for yet another Friends binge this holiday season.

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