Why spend $8 on steel-cut oatmeal at Starbucks in the morning when you can chow down on some nerdy cereal?

Funko Inc., creators of the 400 Pop! Vinyls cluttering up your bookcase, will debut a new line of cereals called FunkO’s. The inaugural cereal line will feature more than 40 characters from leading pop culture licenses. This is honestly the best thing since Oreo O’s came out of retirement.

Fans can kickstart their mornings with cereals featuring the following fandoms:

Mega Man FunkO’s:
 available exclusively at GameStop in July.
Cuphead & Mugman FunkO’s: available exclusively at Hot Topic in July.
Retro Freddy FunkO’s: available exclusively at Funko.com in July.
A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger FunkO’s: available exclusively at f.y.e in July.
Friday the 13TH’s Jason Voorheese FunkO’s: available exclusively at f.y.e in July.
The Lord of the Rings FunkO’s: available exclusively at Box Lunch in July.
Cuphead ‘Don’t Deal with the Devil’ FunkO’s: available exclusively at GameStop in August.
IT’s Pennywise FunkO’s: available exclusively at Hot Topic in August.
Huckleberry Hound FunkO’s: available exclusively at Funko.com in August.
DC’s Batman FunkO’s: available exclusively at Entertainment Earth in August.
DC’s Batgirl FunkO’s: available exclusively at Entertainment Earth in August.
Beetlejuice FunkO’s: available exclusively at Box Lunch in August.
Cthulhu FunkO’s: available exclusively at BAM! in August.

Each cereal box will include a corresponding miniature Pocket Pop! figure and the back panel will feature themed activities, puzzles, and games. Each box will sell for a suggested retail price of $7.99. So much for the “millennials are destroying the cereal industry” accusation—we’re buying them all. TBD on whether or not anyone will actually eat the cereal, or if this will be another collector’s item you look at but never, ever open!

Funko, if you’re reading this, we humbly suggest a line with Hogwarts houses along with some Supergirl and Superman representation.

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Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet is an assistant editor at Adventure Publishing Group. She enjoys nerding out for articles on the Pop Insider, crafting weekly toy reviews for the Toy Insider and contributes to the trade magazines the Toy Book and the Licensing book. When Xandra isn't writing or attending conventions, she's dancing around her room in Supergirl cosplay, jammin' out to Britney Spears. She once had to stash her lightsaber behind a bush at the Rogue One premiere because the theater had a lame 'no Kyber crystal weapons' policy. Her friends insist that she's the poster child for Gryffindor because she's staunch in her beliefs and recklessly tries to change the world. You can follow her wild adventures on Twitter @stakingmyheart or glimpse her massive collection of selfies on Instagram @dontgostakinmyheart