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He hasn’t directed a Star Wars movie in 13 years, but filmmaker George Lucas still topped Forbes’ list of America’s wealthiest celebrities, with a reported $5.4 billion net worth. 

This No. 1 spot is largely due to Disney’s $4.1 billion purchase of Lucas Films back in 2012, according to Forbes. 

Apparently, creating classic movies is quite lucrative, as fellow director Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park) came second on the list with an estimated $3.7 billion net worth. 

The rest of the top 10 includes Oprah ($2.8 billion), Michael Jordan ($1.7 billion), Jay Z ($900 million), Kylie Jenner ($900 million), David Copperfield ($875 million), Diddy ($825 million), and Tiger Woods and James Patterson with $800 million each.

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