Hasbro Captain Marvel Dolls

Marvel Studio’s first female-led superhero movie hits theaters in March, and Hasbro is releasing some Marvel-ous toys and figures to commemorate the occasion.

All of these toys will be available in January for Captain Marvel fans:

Photon Power FX Glove

Pretend to be Carol Danvers herself and bring some photon super power with this glove accessory, which features lights and sounds effects.

Photon Power FX Electronic Doll


This doll, which features sound effects, shows Captain Marvel dressed in her iconic red, blue, and gold outfit.

Captain Marvel Doll and Marvel’s Goose


It turns out that cute cat from the end of the second Captain Marvel trailer has a name: Goose! This Captain Marvel comes with Goose, as well as a backpack to carry him in.

Starforce Doll with Helmet


This version of the Captain Marvel doll has her in the Starforce battle outfit, complete with the mohawk helmet and 15 points of articulation.

Cosmic Captain Marvel Doll

This doll features Captain Marvel in her iconic hero suit and also includes two blaster accessories, which make her hands look like they’re ready to shoot some energy at a bad guy.

There is also a line of six-inch Captain Marvel Marvel Legends figures coming in the spring, which includes:

Captain Marvel Figure


Captain Marvel in Bomber Jacket Figure


Talos Figure


Nick Fury Figure


Star Force Commander Figure 


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