Decades of comics, hours of TV, and 10 years of movies fueled the powerhouse that is Marvel and its super-fandom of aspiring heroes. Who wouldn’t give anything to fight alongside Cap, Black Panther, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers? With the holidays approaching, we’ve compiled an ultimate list of Marvel-ous gifts from all corners of the fandom.

Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist | Hasbro | $99.99 | Amazon

If Thanos had a motto, it would certainly be “go big or go home.” This gauntlet is nothing if not “going big,” and you’ll feel as powerful as Thanos himself when wearing this 19.5-INCH infinity gauntlet, complete with lights and sounds, articulating fingers, and all six infinity stones.

Marvel: The First 10 Years | Marvel | $150 | Target (Preorder)

There’s always more to learn about the 20 MCU movies that Marvel released over the past 10 years, and this two-volume hard-cover book is chock-full of behind-the-scenes secrets from the moviemakers themselves. It’s got interviews with major cast members and Kevin Feige, a detailed MCU timeline, photos, a guide to the movies’ easter eggs and end-credit scenes, and more. It’s only available for pre-order now (it will won’t be shipped until May), but it’s safe to say this gift would be worth the wait.

Captain Marvel Mini Faux Leather Backpack | Loungefly | $64 | Loungefly

Celebrate the era of awesome female heroes in (functional!) style with this super-cool Captain Marvel backpack. Just think how perfect this would be for sneaking snacks into the midnight premier of Captain Marvel in March!

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit| littleBits | $149.99 |littleBits

So this kit may technically be for children, but Marvel fans of any age will geek out over it. You build your own hero gauntlet with the included materials and use it (plus the power of coding) to play more than 18 in-app activities. Then, you can design your own hero identity and gear in the app. Seriously, Iron Man himself would be impressed by this one.

Marvel Unlimited Account | Marvel | $9.99 (monthly) |

For a fan who’s all about the OG comics, you can’t go wrong with a Marvel Unlimited subscription. This gives fans access to more than 20,000 digital comics for less than $10 per month, and with new comics added each week, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Deadpool Monopoly | Hasbro | $19.99 | Walmart

Everyone’s favorite R-rated, reluctant hero takes over every aspect of this classic board game, from the money to the playing pieces. In this themed version of Monopoly, players compete to buy different versions of Deadpool. As the Deadpool illustration on the board says, “Hope you have about six and a half hours to kill.”

“More Than a Fan” T-shirt | Disney | $29.95 | Shop Disney

The sheer volume of MCU 10th anniversary merch can be overwhelming, but this simple tee is a fun way to show off some MCU love. The front says “More than a fan,” with the Avengers’ logo replacing the “A.” The back adds to the shirt as well, listing the release dates and logos for all 20 released movies.

Infinity War Infinity Fragrance | Her Universe | $24.99 | Her Universe

This infinity stone perfume not only looks cool, but also smells good (I should know, I have a bottle on my dresser). The removable infinity stone bracelet is a fun added bonus, and you won’t get a much better ounce-to-dollar ratio on a bottle of perfume this size.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2 Cassette | Disney | $12.98 | Disney Music Emporium

You’ll feel just like Starlord himself when you pop this working cassette tape in and jam out to the second volume of Peter’s Awesome mix. If you’re really looking to expand the collection, Vol. 1 is available, too! Really, what better way is there to listen to “Hooked on a Feeling?”

Marvelocity |Pantheon Books| $50| Barnes & Noble

This new book goes super in-depth on the work of Alex Ross, one of Marvel’s most prolific illustrators. It’s a gold mine for comic book lovers, with hundreds of never-before-published drawings, paintings, and photographs, including an original 10-page story featuring Spider-Man versus the Sinister Six.

I Am Groot T-shirt | TeeTurtle | $25 | TeeTurtle

I think we can all agree that Baby Groot was the highlight of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This shirt shows off Groot in all of his adorable glory, with three different intonations of “I am Groot,” with matching power poses.

Thor Hammer Tool Set | ThinkGeek | $99.99 | ThinkGeek

Thor’s hammer may be all-powerful, but does it have a measuring tape and wrench? I think not. This 44-piece tool set includes those and more. Just imagine how cool you’ll feel bringing out Mjölnir to build furniture or fix something around the house.

Mjölnir Meat Tenderizer | seven20 | $19.99 | Amazon

From the garage to the kitchen, the cool Mjolnir products never stop. This meat tenderizer will make anyone feel like a hero while cooking, and is both cool and functional.

Hulk Bottle Opener | seven20 | $14.99 | Amazon

Tricky bottle caps are a problem of the past when The Hulk lends a hand. This bottle opener will be the hit of any party and is the perfect stocking stuffer for a Marvel fan.

Into the Spider-Verse Pillow | JimsTeeArcade | $18.21-44.63 | RedBubble

The innovative Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie will be out just in time for the holidays, and it’s chock-full of awesome imagery, like the mirrored Miles Morales shown on this pillow. With its subdued color, this throw pillow is a perfect accent for a super-fan’s couch or bed. Plus, it comes in five different sizes.

Infinity War Infinity Stones Rollerball Lip Glosses| Besame Cosmetics | $37.90 | Box Lunch

These limited-edition lip glosses will make you feel powerful for sure. Each represents one of the six infinity stones, both in color and flavor. ICYMI, Reality = red apple, Soul = mandarin orange, Mind = peach, Time = grapefruit, Space = plum, and Power = violet.

Nelson & Murdock T-shirt | Shirtnado | $18 | Etsy

Some of the best Marvel content is made for the small screen. Fans of Daredevil, probably still hyped from the release of season 3, will love wearing this homage to their favorite Hells Kitchen’s hero. It’s a subtle way to show Marvel love that only fellow fans will recognize.

Black Panther Kimoyo Bracelet | RockLove Jewelry | $29.99 |

The powerful Kimoyo beads from Black Panther are so cool that Chadwick Boseman still regularly wears his. This unisex bracelet comes in three sizes, is made of durable black glass beads, and includes a glow-in-the-dark prime bead.

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