There’s a new hero in town, and his name is Jake Jetpulse.

Jake Jetpulse isn’t your average hero, either. Brooklyn-based artist Led Bradshaw created the hero with his son, Jake, who is on the Autism spectrum.

The comics originated when Bradshaw started incorporating Jake’s love of superheroes into his art therapy.

“[Superheroes were] all he wanted to talk about, whether it was Superman, Spider-Man, Batman,” Bradshaw said to NBC New York. “We couldn’t get through to him any other way.”

Bradshaw noticed that Jake liked to draw himself as a hero, telling stories about his adventures in an alternate universe. So, Bradshaw turned the Jake Jetpulse drawings into flashcards for Jake’s daily lessons.

From there, the flashcards became a kindergarten-level book about Jake’s adventures. The father and son tested the book with Jake’s classmates, who said they completely loved it.

Since then, the Jake Jetpulse expanded to two reading comprehension comics and an activity book. They also plan to release a history-themed adventure, in which Jake Jetpulse goes back in time to meet historic figures.

Bradshaw says Jake comes up with the story and directs him on what to draw for all of the books. He says the process has been positive for Jake, and that he’s more confident and sociable.

The father-son duo use their site as an opportunity to talk about Autism and provide resources for other parents with children on the spectrum. Bradshaw says he has connected with other parents, advocates, and educators.

The Jake Jetpulse comics and books are available for purchase on Amazon, and Jake Jetpulse merchandise is available at Redbubble.

h/t NBC New York

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