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After offensive tweets led Disney to fire Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and the rapid response from the film’s stars that called for his reinstatement, word on the street is that Gunn could return for the third installment of the Guardians franchise.

According to Deadline, sources report that there have been some back channel conversations between Marvel Studios and Disney. The sources allege that Marvel is working to persuade Disney to find a compromise that could bring Gunn back for Guardians Vol. 3, which would be beneficial for the franchise.

It’s apparently only in the discussion phases now, coming on the heels of the film’s star-studded cast declaring their support and loyalty to the director.

Disney previously fired Gunn from Guardians 3 after old tweets resurfaced that discussed pedophilia and rape. Disney seemed to hint that it was unlikely for Gunn to return to the franchise at the time the film stars signed a petition and cast letter in support.

Disney and Marvel both want to move forward with the next film, which the entire cast is already committed to filming. In fact, part of the reasoning the Chris Pratt-led Cowboy Ninja Viking was postponed was due to a tight production timeline too close with his preexisting schedule for the next Guardians installment.

While Disney may have swiftly fired Gunn, he still remains a highly in demand director, with many top studios eyeing him for upcoming projects should Disney not reinstate him for Guardians 3. In fact, one senior executive from a rival studio told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’d work with him in a heartbeat.” However, nothing is set in stone until this matter with Disney is finalized.

While these talks could be a long shot, only time will tell by the time the film begins production.

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