Demon Nun (left), Regan (right) | Source: Kidrobot / the Pop Insider

It’s hard to make Regan from The Exorcist cute, but Kidrobot has given it a shot!

The company is *conjuring* up three totally terrifying collectible plush toys inspired by The Nun, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and The Exorcist. Part of Kidrobot’s Phunny plush collection — which reimagines iconic pop culture characters as adorable stuffed toys — these fearsome collectibles are made of soft and cuddly material to juxtapose their frightful designs. 

Hailing from the Conjuring universe is none other than Valak, the Demon Nun who serves as the overarching antagonist for all films in the series. With bewitching green eyes and (embroidered) razor-sharp teeth, this caricatured version of the murderous demon is sure to possess your heart. 

Rudy Killer Klown | Source: Kidrobot

Killer Klown Rudy is fresh off the UFO and hungry to make his plush-toy debut. Rudy can be seen donning his iconic blue-and-purple jumper, signature clown makeup, and red button nose. 

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Last, but certainly not least, is Regan from The Exorcist, which is available in both 8- and 13-inch versions. The poor little possessed girl she is, Phunny plush Regan is dressed in her blue floral gown covered in, you guessed it, vomit stains (yuck?!). 

Each of these plush toys is available to preorder now at

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