The collection has all the luxury of Lacoste with Netflix entertainment. | Source: Lacoste

Just when you thought the Demogorgon couldn’t get any wilder, the newest Netflix apparel collection crosses the other-worldly monster with an alligator.

Lacoste, an apparel brand originally founded by French tennis player René Lacoste, is most widely recognized by its alligator mascot. Now, that iconic gator is getting the crossover treatment in the company’s newest licensed collection. The Lacoste x Netflix line features T-shirts, caps, underwear, and — of course — plenty of polos. These pieces center the Lacoste alligator cosplaying as different characters from popular Netflix shows.

Whether your favorite show is Stranger Things or Lupin, there’s a Lacoste T-shirt ready to join your closet. In addition to going full Demogorgon, the Lacoste alligator dons Assane Diop’s signature hat and high-tops combo. The collection also features shirts with the Lacoste and Netflix logos, offering a more straightforward and generic nod to the streaming service.

The crossover collection also offers some bolder outfits and accessories, including jackets, polos, sweatshirts, caps, bags, underwear, and even sandals. There is a repeating pattern featuring the two companies’ names and logos, which appears on a variety of items, including a button-up shirt and slide-on shoes.

There are also additional mashup designs inspired by Stranger Things, Lupin, Sex Education, and Bridgerton. A definite highlight is the Lacoste gator dressed up in its Bridgerton finest, complete with a sky-high blue wig.

The Netflix Shop also has a selection of exclusive black polos from the collab, each featuring the Lacoste mascot embodying a different series. The Bridgerton alligator has an appropriately fancy wig, The Witcher alligator is battle-ready, and the Stranger Things alligator is looking as spooky as the Demogorgon. Lupin, Sex Education, La Casa De Papel, Elite, and Shadow and Bone also have their own alligator logo polos.

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The Lacoste x Netflix collection is available to shop now at the links below. Pick your favorite series and put together the perfect Netflix binge-night outfit!

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