LEGO’s Disney castle is more than two feet tall! | Source: LEGO

Disney has always been known for making big dreams come true, so it only makes sense that LEGO would design a huge version of a Disney castle to celebrate the studio’s 100th anniversary.

Standing at more than 2.5 feet tall, this LEGO set has almost 5,000 pieces and is modeled after Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World. While the outside of the castle is an iconic image that we know and love, the inside is all new! 

The inside of the castle features tons of nods to the Disney Princesses. For example, one room in the tallest tower features the spinning wheel Princess Aurora pricks her finger on. Another room in the castle includes Rapunzel’s mural of herself looking up at the floating lanterns on her birthday. There are also more subtle references to other princesses and Disney movies, like a tapestry of Maui and Moana’s oar to her boat, or Mrs. Potts sitting on top of a china cabinet!

The set also comes with eight minifigures of four of Disney’s most iconic couples: Cinderella and Prince Charming, Snow White and Prince Florian, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, and Tiana and Prince Naveen. You can pose your minifigures dancing in the castle’s ballroom, exploring the castle’s many rooms, or on the bridge in front of the castle.

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The LEGO Disney Castle drops on July 4, with early access on July 1 for LEGO VIP members. Even if you aren’t a hardcore LEGO geek, any big Disney fan won’t be able to resist the temptation of such a gorgeous set!

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