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Oh, this is embarrassing.

Marvel, perhaps one of the biggest film franchises out there right now, has a lot of eyes watching, especially when we are in between films to focus our attention on. So, basically, whatever they do, a lot of people will take notice of even the tiniest details, inconsistencies, and bloopers. Marvel fans will read into any little thing (take every potential spoiler, for example).

In one such case, an upcoming U.K. Marvel Avengers box set of the first three Avengers films has one small mistake regarding each film’s individual logos that fans caught on a photo of the box set’s packaging on the Amazon posting.

Photo: Amazon

As Reddit user Gamer0607 notes, the listings for The Avengers and Infinity War have their respective logos switched. As you can see from the photo, the Amazon listing for both the DVD and Blu-ray Avengers 1-3 box set shows the original Marvel’s The Avengers logo right next to the title for Avengers: Infinity War, and the first movie’s logo next to the Infinity War listing. While Gamer0607’s fellow Marvel fans admit the two logos could easily be confused for those who aren’t that detail-oriented or too familiar with the films, they all do mostly agree that Marvel, a huge global franchise entity, should have inspected the logo and packaging more carefully before posting online.

Maybe I’m nitpicking a bit here, but how did no one at Marvel realize this before its release?

As ComicBook pointed out, it is possible that the images included could have been early promotional images or a mock-up and thus just a goof, and maybe the actual set in stores will have the correct logos aligned with the correct titles. But, as long as each disc plays the right movie it says and your MCU home video collection is complete, then all is well as far as I’m concerned.

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