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Your morning coffee is about to get powerful.

Monogram International released brand-new mugs based on Marvel heroes and Harry Potter faves to bring your warm beverages a bit of magic. The new items can be found at specialty shops and some are available online.

Fans can find the Harry Potter Mug with Spoon on Entertainment Earth. As the name suggests, it is in fact a Harry potter mug with an attached spoon. It features Chibi-inspired versions of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny with symbols of the series sprinkled throughout. The Harry Potter Collage Mug features the same character style, but also includes a special appearance from He Who Must Not Be Named.

Source: Monogram International

The Deadpool 3D Foam Collage Mug shows off the antiheroes’ many personalities, with several different designs in different outfits. Deadpool takes on the look of a pirate, Venom, a dog, and more. Fans of Spider-Man can find a few mugs with his signature mask, and a comic-inspired backdrop, accompanied by a red interior with a spider insignia.

If you’re looking for a hot cup of justice to go along with your breakfast, check out the Captain America-inspired mug; or for those who want to manage mischief, there is a color-changing Marauder’s Map mug. Be on the lookout at your favorite geekified shop for these and more!

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