Power up your spaceships, ready your wands, and prepare for an UNO game night you won’t forget!

Mattel’s UNO is a card game well-known to any passionate party gamers. If you and your friends are looking for your next UNO experience, Mattel has you more than covered with its new UNO decks featuring your favorite fandoms.

The initial line includes decks themed around Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek, Monster High, Masters of the Universe, Disney Villains, Harry Potter, and more. Each premium UNO deck is designed to be collectible and includes art inspired by the theme, a rule specific to that deck’s theme, and one foil card.

Rules such as the Star Trek deck’s “Mirror, Mirror” mechanic forcing players to draw until they have as many cards as the player with the most cards, or the Monster High deck’s “Frankie’s Hand” that lets one player look at another’s hand and switch a card with them offer a fresh gameplay experience in each deck.

UNO has seen several themed decks in its long history, as well as decks featuring twists on the game’s original rules. The UNO Artiste Series includes UNO decks spotlighting artist collaborations, while games like UNO Attack offer fans a new way to play the game.

The new line of UNO Fandom premium decks will be released March 21, exclusively on the Mattel Creations website. Mattel already has plans for even more UNO Fandom decks, so keep your eyes open to catch new releases and complete your collection!

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