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It’s not surprising that a tabletop card game where you can steal a bunch of stuff and backstab your friends has amassed global success. But imagine if that game was Batman themed? And you got to play as the villain?

Steve Jackson’s hit card game Munchkin is relocating from its traditional mythical dungeon to the urban arena of Gotham City. In Munchkin Batman, the Dark Knight meets gameplay, complete with more than 250 cards illustrated by John Kovalic. 

This latest licensed Munchkin game launched on Kickstarter yesterday as a joint venture between Steve Jackson Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and Warner Bros. and it is already well past its funding goal of $20,000 (with over $94,000 pledged at the time of writing).

The rules of the game are simple: the more petty crimes a player commits, the closer they are to gaining control over the city. Each player takes on the role of an iconic Batman villain, such as the Joker or Catwoman, and each has a special power. Sometimes, they’re even accompanied by a co-conspirator like Bane or Clock King.

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Fair warning, villains, you must be clever in your crimes, because Batman, Robin, and the Gotham City police force are preying on your downfall. Fail and you’ll be sent to Arkham Asylum! 

Munchkin Batman is available for purchase now on, with multiple backing tiers available. For $50, villains will get the Kickstarter Edition of Munchkin Batman, which includes the game, a dice pack, and a blank card pack. An $80 pledge also comes with a copy of Munchkin Crazy Cooks, while $100 or more gets you two copies of the game. There was also a $150+ level that came with a signed blank card, but all 100 have been claimed. There are also separate backing options for international shoppers and game retailers.

Prepare to ally with your fellow criminals and break those alliances when they least expect it. This Kickstarter will be open until March 18 at 5:02 p.m. ET. Keep watching the page for additional stretch goals!

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