Comics, secret wizard societies, and magic? Sign us TF up.

Netflix just launched a trailer for their upcoming comic, The Magic Order—or, as they lovingly refer to it, “baby’s first comic book,”—and it’s lit. And I mean literally, because there are wands and they’re hella glowy.

The six-issue miniseries will be published by Image Comics, written by Mark Millar (Kick-AssWolverine: Old Man LoganCivil War), and illustrated by Olivier Coipel (ThorAvengers). Meaning, Netflix acquired some heavy hitters in the comic book world for their first go at it. The series is the first venture for Netflix since it acquired  Millarworld, Millar’s comic company, that Netflix bought last summer.

The plot is chock-full of secret society themes as it follows five families of wizards who clandestinely meet in the dark of night to save the world. Talk about thankless work—they don’t even get to parade around in a mask or get keys to the city. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Millar noted that, “Tonally, it’s actually closer to The Sopranos in that it’s about a patriarch in an underworld family and his concerns about his children. King Lear is the basic structure, if that doesn’t sound too pompous, but with magic wands. And it’s dirty. It opens with a shagging scene, so you immediately know this isn’t Hogwarts.”

Netflix is determined to go back to the roots of the comic book industry with a limited print and a promise that there will be no prints available. Ever. This is a bold move that will no doubt raise the collector value of the series, making it highly coveted. There will be digital issues of the comic available for $3.99, the same price as the printed versions, but nothing quite beats the feel of a physical comic, amiright?

With the draw of no second prints and the 140,000 preorders that have come in already, it’s undoubtedly going to sell out. Those preorder numbers are already well within the range and even higher than a lot of the best selling comics each month. Get your preorder in before the evil eBay resellers get to them first on June 13, when it’s set to release in comic book stores.

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