The latest Youtooz’s Stranger Things collection includes two Netflix shop-exclusive figures of Eleven and Eddie Munson! | Source: Youtooz

The devastating wait for the final season of Stranger Things is underway, but Youtooz is making the time go faster with a new collection!

This drop features two 4.6-inch collectible figures, both inspired by the final episode of Season 4, “The Piggyback.” One depicts Eleven wearing her pizza box glasses for the sensory deprivation pool and the other features Eddie Munson playing his guitar in the Upside Down during the iconic “Master of Puppets” scene. The two figures will be available exclusively from

The Stranger Things print turns characters into the Demogorgon’s pawns. | Source: Youtooz

The new collection also includes a limited-edition Stranger Things art print. In the 11-by-17 print, Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, and Will are turned into game pieces on the Hawkins game board as the Demogorgon looms over them, casting dice to control their fate. There are only 250 prints being made, don’t miss the chance for this great decor for any game room! The print will be available exclusively on the Youtooz site.

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These three items are just the latest additions to Youtooz’s Stranger Things collection, which includes figures of the Demogorgon, Hopper, Max, Vecna, Henry Creel, and more. The new figures and print will be available on Jan. 31. Turn your Youtooz collection Upside Down!

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