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Remember how much you hated Star-Lord during that scene in Infinity War?

A refresher: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Drax, Mantis, and Star-Lord plan a super surprise attack on Thanos in an attempt to take back the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones. Mantis puts Thanos into a sleep-trance as everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man nearly succeeds in pulling off the gauntlet and saving us all from the agony that was the movie’s final minutes. But then Star-Lord can’t help asking about Gamora, ultimately rousing Thanos. Awake, Thanos grabs the gauntlet back and dashes everyone’s hopes for a happy ending.

We knew Spidey was close to getting the gauntlet off, but we now know just how close he got. Reddit user u/sufyann05 shared a screen capture of that moment with the caption, “A rare image of Thanos’ Left Hand. So. Damn. Close.” In the still, you can see that Spider-Man did indeed get the gauntlet off far enough to expose nearly all of Thanos’ hand.

A rare image of Thanos’ Left Hand. So. Damn. Close.
by u/sufyaan05 in marvelstudios

Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo have come to Star-Lord’s defense after fans’ angry response to this specific scene. Joe Russo told ET that Star-Lord had been through a lot with the loss of his mother, having to kill his father, and then losing Gamora, who he loves.

“So if you can’t understand someone making a human choice like that, I don’t know if you understand humanity very well,” he said. “But he is a flawed character, and that’s what’s so compelling about him.”

Anthony Russo added that other characters’ choices throughout the movie equally contributed to the heroes’ loss.

“It wasn’t simply that moment. If you go back to the end of Civil War, the entire rift between Cap and Tony is sort of a basis for why they lose in this film,” he said.

But still, it was so damn close!


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